How to Fix Xbox One Games Taking too Long to Start

Xbox One Games Taking too Long to Start

Xbox is a popular game console. It is widely adored by the gaming community all over the world as well as people who want to spend fun time playing video games with friends and family at home. Xbox is hugely appreciated as it provides you with realistic game graphics which gives you a unique experience of playing the game.

However, it feels very annoying when the entire excitement of playing a video game is broken due to the long loading time of an Xbox game. Here, we are going to discuss ways to fix the Xbox games taking too long to start.

How to Fix Xbox Game Took Too Long to Start:

You may see the Xbox message “Took too long to start.” This problem usually occurs if the temporary files on the Xbox are corrupted. You need to check the status of Xbox Live Core Services and take appropriate actions to deal with this error. You need to get rid of the corrupted data first. There are many other methods to solve this problem.

  • Change the region settings
  • Disable the Instant-On feature
  • Check Data Integrity
  • Turn on Energy Saving mode
  • Restore Factory Settings

1. Change the region settings:

Change the region settings

By making changes to the region settings, you can fix an Xbox game taking too long to start. We suggest you change the region to USA on your gaming console to resolve this issue smoothly. Before going for this method, remember that you can change the area once every three months. Second, you cannot do so on a suspended account and an account with a balance due on your subscription to Xbox Live. Also, keep in mind that some areas have lost some services. Finally, you can’t move your Microsoft account balance after you change your region.

  • Sign yourself into your Xbox account.
  • Go to the guide by scrolling to the left of the home screen.
  • Select Settings > All Settings > System > Language & Location.
  • Select the region according to your preference from the list.
  • Click on Restart Now.

2. Disable the Instant-On feature:

Disable the Instant-On feature

The instant-on feature puts the Xbox console into sleep mode. It allows you to launch Xbox quickly. This feature does not turn off the Xbox completely, it runs in the background and consumes some power. But, sometimes some errors may happen. One of them is the error message that it took too long to start. To fix this problem, you need to disable the instant-on mode.

  • Go to Settings by pressing the Menu button.
  • Select Power and Startup > Power Options.
  • Switch from instant-on mode to energy-saving mode.
  • Selecting energy-saving mode will completely turn off your Xbox console, causing the Xbox to start up slowly. Once the problem is fixed, you can use the Instant-on mode feature again.

3. Check Data Integrity:

Check Data Integrity

If the Xbox One error message “Took too long to start,” your Xbox may encounter a problematic application, or the application you’re running may stop responding. See the following, which may cause the problem.

  • If the application stops responding to restart.
  • It is possible that the application is installed on an external hard drive, resulting in slow reading and writing. Transfer or install all games on an internal hard drive.
  • Corrupted data such as saved files, games, and persistent storage on your hard drive. If you find a corrupted save file and game delete it and try to delete the persistent save.
  • Your Xbox account may be desynced from the server or the Xbox Live service may be down. Check out the Xbox Live service. If so, sign out and power cycle, and sign in again.

Also, your hard drive may have failed. Test your hard drive by connecting it to your laptop and running hard drive diagnostic software such as Sentinel and HDtune.

4. Turn on Energy Saving mode:

Turn on Energy Saving mode

The Power & Startup setting may be set to Instant-On, which causes a cache issue and results in the Xbox One error message “Took too long to start.” Xbox One Instant-On mode sets the console to hibernate when turned off. So when the console is turned on it will boot faster. However, temporary data (cache) cannot be deleted and may conflict with other data. Changing the Power & Startup setting to Energy Saving Mode may help resolve the error.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Power & Startup.
  • Select Power Mode and enable the Energy Saving option.
  • Turn off the Xbox One.
  • Unplug it for at least three minutes

5. Restore Factory Settings:

Restore Factory Settings

Xbox One error message “It took too long to initialize persists, restore your Xbox One to its factory settings. You may have a problem with your application or firmware.

  • Turn off your Xbox One.
  • Unplug it for at least three minutes.
  • Plug it back in, then press and hold the Bind button (located on the left side of the Xbox One) and the Eject button.
  • Then, power on the console without releasing the Bind and Eject button.
  • Release the bind and eject button after two power-up beeps.
  • After that, you need to enter the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter.
  • Then select Reset this Xbox using the controller.
  • First, you can select Keep Games and Apps as it might be a firmware issue.
  • If it fails, repeat it and select Remove Everything.


If you get an Xbox one game, you can play your games or even use some programs, taking less time to start the problem. It can be troublesome when this error message appears, but you can fix the problem: Xbox one game takes too long to start by restarting your console and clearing the cache. If it doesn’t work try any other recommendation from this article.

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