6 Methods To Unlock Your Dell Laptop Keyboard In 2022

Unlock Your Dell Laptop Keyboard

One of the most important element of a computer is the keyboard. Combined with the mouse, it allows you to easily navigate programs. If you have a Dell computer, you will see that your keyboard can sometimes suddenly get locked. There are many reasons for this. Your hard drive may not have enough memory or your keyboard may be locked or frozen by a virus.

You can also trigger your keyboard lock function if you accidentally type in a random array of keys. If this happens, do not fear, there is still hope that you will solve the issue. There are many ways to unlock your Dell keyboard and the article below will give you many ideas. Read on to learn more about unlocking your keyboard.

Methods To Unlock Your Dell Laptop Keyboard: 

  • Reboot Completely
  • Update your keyboard driver
  • Deactivate NUM Lock
  • Replace your keyboard
  • Remove and Clean the Keyboard
  • Remove The Power Source.

Method1:Reboot Completely:

The idea of ​​restarting your computer when something goes wrong is becoming an old stand-by for me because it solves most computer problems and only takes a few minutes. It’s easy to see why this works and I want to give you that help. Whatever the problem, a reboot will probably take care of it, whether it’s a faulty mouse, a weird-looking desktop, or an unresponsive operating system.

Now, a complete reboot is a little different than restarting your computer. With a laptop, I recommend that you shut down, turn off your laptop, remove the battery, wait a few seconds, recharge the battery, and then restart it. This process removes all power sources and is called a hard reset. It helps more than a normal reboot because it causes the memory to be completely flush.

Method2: Update Your Keyboard Driver:

Update Your Keyboard Driver

Drivers are programs that are installed to help you communicate with any external device you connect to your Dell laptop. If you notice that your keyboard driver is having trouble keeping your keyboard working, all you need to do is update your Dell keyboard driver.

How To Update Your Dell Laptop Keyboard Driver:

  • On your laptop, search for Device Manager.
  • Double click on the keyboard and a drop-down menu will appear
  • Inside the drop-down menu, just right-click on the first driver option and choose the option “Update Driver”.
  • Next, select the “Automatically search for drivers” option.
    If updating the driver does not work, the last attempt is to uninstall and reinstall the driver.

3. Deactivate Num Lock:

Deactivate Num Lock

As we explained above, the reason your keyboard does not seem to work is that you accidentally pressed the NUM lock and practically locked the numeric keys on your keyboard. To disable the NUM lock, hold down the FN key and then the NUM LOCK key (the top left of your keyboard).

4. Replace your keyboard:

Replace your keyboard

Yes. If all else fails, all you have to do is install a new keyboard for yourself through a trusted technician experienced in repairing Dell computers. Fortunately, Dell has a list of certified service centers in the US and other countries. All you have to do is input your zip code and your city and look for a center near you.

5. Remove and Clean the Keyboard:

Remove and Clean the Keyboard

Continue to disassemble your laptop top case by assembling a screwdriver, and then removing the plastic lining and unscrewing the screws that hold the keyboard in place. Lift up the keyboard and carefully unplug the connecting ribbon before putting it aside. In fact, to clean the keyboard, I recommend using a little alcohol and a cotton swab. Carefully inspect each key and check that there are no dirt or grime contents.

If so, clean it using the method outlined in the last sentence, and then set the keyboard aside. Once the keyboard is clean, I recommend a quick blowout of your laptop to remove dust and small debris from the compressed air box and inside the computer. Make sure there is no lump of dirt around the cooling fans. After that, reconnect your keyboard, put it all back together, and try again!

6. Remove The Power Source:

Remove The Power Source

If restarting does not work, consider shutting down your computer and unplugging it from the socket. Take a break before turning on your Dell laptop again. If you are using a laptop, remove the battery from the unit. The battery pack is under the laptop. The battery discharge latch holds it in place. Reattach the battery and let the laptop cool for 5 minutes before rotating it on again.


If the above steps do not work, you may need to replace your keyboard. If the Dell keyboard is not within your budget then there are cheaper options for it. Once Look near the office supply shops and you will find one that fits your budget. Take care of your keyboard from time to time. If you spill food or water on it, cleanse it immediately and leave it in the atmosphere to dry.

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