How To Factory Reset Your Android Smartphone – Step By Step Guide

How To Factory Reset A Smartphone

Sometimes when your smartphone starts to lag or the software starts to misbehave or you’re handing it over to someone permanently, performing a Factory Reset is a good idea. But, how can you perform a proper factory reset on your smartphone? Well, if you came here seeking that answer then we won’t disappoint you. Follow our tutorial & you’ll be able to perform a factory reset without any trouble.

What should you do before performing a reset?

These are the things that you must do before doing a factory reset on your smartphone,

  1. Backup all the data from your smartphone’s Internal Storage. A factory reset wipes out your phone’s internal memory.
  2. Keep the password ready of the Google account that you’re using on your smartphone. In fact, it may be required for authentication purposes after resetting the device.

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How to perform a Factory Reset?

After you’re done with the steps above, it’s time to perform the reset. Follow the below steps one by one,

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu inside your phone
  2. Go to “System” > “Reset” (or Reset options) if you have a Stock Android Powered device or go to “Backup & Reset” in a custom UI powered device. (If you can’t find Backup & Reset, just search for Reset using the search option inside settings menu)
  3. Multiple options will show up. You now need to select “Erase all data (Factory Reset)”How To Factory Reset A Smartphone
  4. You’ll see a summary of what will get deleted alongside the “Reset Phone” option (Stock Android). Click on it (scroll down if you find it disabled.
  5. You may get asked to enter your device pattern or password to confirm. Do it.

Your phone will now perform the rest of the factory reset on its own. Do note that this process does not downgrade your firmware version.

After you’ve done a successful Factory Reset, you’ll need to verify your authenticity by logging into the same Google account that you were using on that device. Once you do that successfully, you now have fresh software on your phone.

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There are lots of different tricks available to factory reset your smartphone that you find online. But. this obvious that everyone has thier own ways of how to reset smartphones, Apart from this, if you guys have any different ways then feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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