How to Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly – Here’s The Simple Methods in 2022

How to Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV

Vizio TVs are gaining popularity day by day. More and more people are buying Vizio Smart TV because of its excellent image and sound quality and reasonable price tag. Gone are the days when only two brands ruled the TV industry. Technological advances have made TVs smarter.

Their usability and connection capabilities have become much smarter. You can now connect your phone, laptop, and tablet to your TV. Today, we will discuss how you can connect your laptop to Vizio TV wirelessly. Is well? No wires, no interruptions, no tripping, and no packing mess. Let’s take a look at the different methods you can use to connect a laptop to a Vizio smart TV wirelessly.

Methods To Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly:

  1. Connect Through Miracast
  2. Using Chromecast
  3. By Using With Steam Link
  4. Plex software
  5. Connect Through HDMI

Method1:Connect Through Miracast:

Connect Through Miracast

If you are using Windows 8.1 or 10, Miracast is the easiest way to connect your laptop to Vizio TV wirelessly. You do not need to install Miracast with Windows. Follow the steps below to use Miracast to connect your laptop to Vizio Smart TV.

  • Open Devices from the Action Center in the lower right corner of your laptop desktop.
  • Select the project and click Add Wireless Display. You will find your Vizio smart TV there. Connect it to your laptop.
  • You have the option of viewing your program on two screens (duplicate) or only on your Vizio smart TV.

Method2: Using Chromecast:

Using Chromecast

Google Chromecast lets you quickly and easily connect your laptop to your Vizio or any other smart TV. You can play your favorite series or TV show or watch videos on the big screen. Here’s how you can use Chromecast to connect your laptop to a Vizio smart TV.

  • Google Chrome is present in almost all laptops; Make sure you have the latest updated version. If you do not have Google Chrome on your laptop, you can download it for free by doing a simple online search in your current browser.
  • Make sure your laptop and Vizio smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If two devices are running on different networks, you will not be able to connect them.
  • You will see 3 dots in the upper right corner of your browser. Press on it and a list of options will appear. Select the stream and wait until the browser detects your TV.
  • The great thing about Chromecast is that you can use it on MacBook too.

Method3: By Using With Steam Link:

By Using With Steam Link

If you have a gaming laptop, you can use the Steam link to play games on your Vizio smart TV. For this, you need to buy Steam Link‌ and you can buy it from Amazon. By clicking the Add Game button, you can add games to the Steam library.

  • Turn on Steam on your laptop and provide your login credentials.
  • Now, connect the SteamLink device to your Vizio Smart TV and pair it with your gaming laptop.
  • Input the controller and mouse/keyboard into the USB port.
  • Now, you can play games wirelessly on your Vizio TV.

Method4: Plex software:

You can use a third-party application to connect a laptop wirelessly to a Vizio smart TV. Flex is similar to Chromecast in terms of functionality. You need to have media server software installed on your laptop to get started. Even if you can not use the app to reflect your screen, it has many fun options, including casting.

You need a premium plex pass to use additional features, for example, live recording and offline storage. First, install the Plex program on your VIZIO smart TV. Next, fill out the Plex App Registration Form. As a result, you will have access to all the plex material on your smart TV after logging in to your account.

Method5: Connect Through HDMI:

Connect Through HDMI

If using cables to attach a laptop to a smart TV is not so convenient, go for wireless HDMI, which is the best way. Using wireless HDMI, you can get good quality video content and speed. Also, you do not have to use large strings to fix it. The following steps will show you how to connect a laptop to a smart TV via wireless HDMI. Nyrius Aries Prime is one of the best wireless HDMI.

  • First of all, connect the laptop to an accessible USB port and then check if the connection is working properly.
  • Now, connect Vizio Smart TV to start streaming and no installation process is required to do this.


    Now you can browse the web on a regular computer or laptop, play video games, watch videos, read e-books and listen to music. After following this guide, “How To Connect Laptop Wirelessly To Vizio Smart TV”, we hope you have successfully connected your laptop to Vizio Smart TV.

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