Guide to Cook pasta – know the right way

Pasta is a staple food of Italian Cuisine. It is made up of unleavened dough of durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs. Pasta Is found in Various of shapes we found, Then is cooked by Boiling or baking. Pasta Are divided into 2 Different Categories they are Dried Pasta and delicious Fresh Pasta. But if we look out Most of the time Dried Pasta is been Commercially used and fried pasta you can find at the grocery stores or the other shops. Now we will show you the right Cook pasta –

The right way to cook Pasta is here So follow the below-given steps: 

  1. Take a Boil Water in Pot ( As you Need Large or Small ). To make sure that your Pasta doesn’t stick, You should use at least 4-5 quarts of water for each of pond of Noodles.
  2.  Now, Salt a Water with At least Table, More is fine but not that type of more salt you should put into pasta  Because the salty water adds a flavor to the pasta.
  3.  Add a Pasta into the pot in which you are Assembling the pasta.
  4. Stir it well for the whole mixture and products get mixed into each other.
  5. Now, Just taste your pasta is it well or not before serving.
  6. The last step which will complete your recipe is to Drain the Pasta.


TIPS: How To Know When pasta is ready?  

  • Throw the pasta against the wall – If the pasta gets stick then it is done. Only one way to know that your pasta is ready or not.


If you want to add some Tasty things then you should Add Myonize, Schezwan sauce or the Red Chilly sauce for more better and better Pasta.    


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