5 Most Popular Gaming Keyboards Under 100$ – Best Buying Guide In 2022

Gaming Keyboards Under 100$

Gaming keyboards have become one of the most important accessories and the most luxury keyboards are available on the market. Whether you are a regular gamer or a serious gamer, it can be difficult to search for a gaming keyboard that fits your needs, especially if they are expensive. Fortunately, the best gaming keyboards you can get are under $ 100 and while some may not have the extra features like premium models, they are still reliable for gaming. When looking for a gaming keyboard.

The main specialty to consider is what kinds of switches you handle most satisfied with. A few come with mechanical switches and others have rubber dome switches. However, because of being a very competitive market, it’s quite hard to choose the best gaming keyboard for under 100$. A gaming keyboard under 100$ will provide will not only offer you comfortability, and a quick response compared to a normal keyboard. Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard for under 100$? below this article will cover our top 5 picks.

Top Gaming Keyboards Under 100$:

  • Corsair RGB K55 XT PRO
  • G413 Logitech
  • Z15 EVGA
  • Corsair K63
  • SteelSeries Apex 7

1. Corsair RGB K55 XT PRO:

Corsair RGB K55 XT PRO

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is the best gaming keyboard for less than $ 100 with non-mechanical buttons. Unlike most other keyboards on this list, it has rubber dome buttons. They are a little heavier to push than traditional mechanical keyboards and are easy enough to satisfy gamers.

It is packed with gaming features including the ability to assign macros to any key and six additional macro keys on the left side. It comes with full RGB brightness and privately illuminated keys, which you can configure using the iCUE software available for Windows and macOS. The delay is also very small, which is excellent. The keyboard has an arch setting and wrist rest. So don’t get too tired of getting used to extended gaming sessions.


  • finest gaming keyboard with non-mechanical keys
  • Its keys are very quiet


  • ABS keycaps are soft and unstable, which can lead to accidental key presses
  • Its typing quality is low

2.G413 Logitech:

G413 Logitech

A good keyboard with excellent gaming performance attracts the majority of entry-level gamers. We can say that Logitech’s G413 is the best gaming keyboard under $ 100. Despite the low price, it is well made, with a plastic body and a strong metal top half you will have no problems with it.

Only patented Romer-G touch switches are included, which have a shorter front distance and provide excellent tactile feedback without being too heavy to write. ABS keycaps seem to be fun and firm to the touch. Thus the keyboard provides excellent typing quality. This provides a minimum delay for gamers. So you will not even notice any archives while playing. It has individually illuminated keys and illumination. However, it is only offered in red.


  • Macros can be assigned to any function key.
  • The best inexpensive keyboard you can buy.


  • The keyboard also lacks onboard memory

3.Z15 EVGA:


The EVGA Z15 is the best gaming keyboard under $ 100 with the mechanical keys we tested. This is an amazing gaming keyboard that has some additional functions to enhance your gaming experience. It comes with a full-size, sturdy frame and excellent quality finish, but still, the ABS keycaps are not as comfortable as the PBT.

It comes with vertical Kyle Speed ​​Silver and Kyle Clicky Speed ​​Bronze keys, both of which we have tried and it can be hot-swapped so you can use whatever you like. The clicks of our unit have a low pre-travel range and a low operational force so that they can be easily pushed for gaming. Delays are also very common, so there should not be a noticeable lag while gaming. EVGA Release RGB software allows you to remodel all keys, but it’s not as user-friendly as other rival manufacturers’ software.


  • It’s a straightforward keyboard with comfy wrist rest and excellent ergonomics.
  • The keyboard is best suited to gaming.


  • The keys are too touchy for typing
  • Keys can be noisy in a noisy setting.

    4. Corsair K63:

Corsair K63

The Corsair K63 is one of the best gaming keyboards for under $ 100 with the wireless link we tested. This can connect to a maximum of 2 different devices simultaneously via a USB receiver or via a Bluetooth device. It is excellent because it is a horizontal keyboard with only one tilt option. However, the wrist rest seems cheap.

Only the Linear MX Red Cherry keys are available, which require less effort to activate and provide tactile feedback. Although the pre-travel length is a bit longer than comparable gaming keyboards, the switches are still very smooth and should not cause fatigue. You can reprogram or assign macros to any key and it has some additional features like dedicated media buttons and windows lockout to prevent your games from being accidentally minimized.


  • The reliability and quality are just good since the frame is composed of cheap-feeling plastic.
  • The illumination is limited to single blue color.


  • The illumination is limited to single blue color.

    5.SteelSeries Apex 7:

SteelSeries Apex 7

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is the best gaming keyboard for under $ 100 with many features. It is rigid, comfortable, and has a nice build quality. SteelSeries Apex 7 comes with full RGB backlighting and macro-programmable keys. There is a small, clickable scroll wheel in the upper right corner of the keyboard to adjust the computer volume and below the button to pause or play the media you have open. You can reprogram the button and scroll wheel to perform other operations.


  • OLED display
  • Solid aluminum chassis


  • Not waterproof


From the list above of the best budget gaming keyboards for less than $ 100, you can easily find a great keyboard that you can play hard or use to type and browse. All of them are high-quality keyboards with their distinctive positives and negatives so the only thing is to choose the one that suits you best. We hope the information provided above is definitely helpful to you.

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