Best and Easy Ways to Fix PS5 Wifi Connection Issues

PS5 Wifi Connection Issues

PlayStation 5 console users appear to be encountering frequent internet connectivity problems in these days. There are many reports that users are seeing a lot of ‘Unable to connect to WiFi network’ error messages while using the standard or digital edition of PS5. If you are also encountering the issue, you can check how to fix PS5 WiFi not connecting to the internet issue.

PS5 users have encountered many errors and issues since launch, but the inability to connect to WiFi is one of the main and common issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. The issue especially shows that there is a problem with your network and not with the PlayStation Network. Well, to fix it there are some workarounds available which we mentioned below.

1. Check the Internet Connection:

Check the Internet Connection

To check your Internet connection, you can see if your smartphone and iPad work well. If you discover you have problems with the Internet, you can get closer to your Wi-Fi and remove other network interference devices.

Besides, you can also restart your modem and router. The detailed steps are as follows:

  • Unplug all hardware from your router and modem.
  • To stay at least 30 sec to cool down your device.
  • Re-plug in your modem and you can press the Power button if it doesn’t power on.
  • Wait about 60 sec and then re-plug your router. Some routers may need you to click a Power button.
  • To wait about 2 minutes to allow the router to boot up.
  • When the modern and router restart, test to see if the problem went away.

2. Factory Reset Your PS5:

Factory Reset Your PS5

Factory resetting your PS5 is the last method, but it will cause you to lose your game. Before this method, you can try to contact Sony service or have your PS5 controller repaired or replaced by Sony because it might be triggered by some hardware issues.

  • Open your PS5 and go to Settings.
  • Select System and then System Software from the left panel.
  • Then select Reset options from the right and select Reset your console.
  • Click Reset to confirm your choice.
  • After the reset, you can restart your PS5 and try the internet connection.

3. Use Google DNS Address:

Use Google DNS Address

Whether you’re using a PC or a console, using a Google DNS address on your device can make a huge difference in server connectivity or playing games, or streaming content online. Since your PS5 WiFi is not connected to the internet, you can use this method.

  • Go to PS5 Settings menu > Select Network.
  • Go to Setup Internet Connection > Select Preferred Connection.
  • Select Advanced Settings > Now, change your DNS settings to Manual.
  • Next, try using a Google DNS address by entering as the primary DNS.
  • Then enter as secondary DNS.
  • Once all is done, make sure to save the changes and restart your console to check for the problem.

4. Reset Your WiFi Router:

Reset Your WiFi Router

A hard reset or factory reset of your device and networking device (router) can also improve performance and connectivity-related issues. This basically fixes your WiFi router to default settings so that you can set up the design again and start using it. To do below steps:

  • Make sure your WiFi router is turned on and plugged into a power source.
  • Now, use a paperclip or pen to press and hold the reset button on your router for a few seconds until you hear a hiccup while the LED indicators blink. [This indicates your router is now reset]
  • Once done, your WiFi router should be converted to its factory default mode.
  • Again make sure to manually set up the network configuration on your router.
  • Finally, check for PS5 not connecting to the WiFi internet issue is fixed or not.

    5. Bring Your Router Closer to Your PS5:

Bring Your Router Closer to Your PS5

One problem with wireless connections is that they only cover a particular space. So, for example, you may notice a difference in signal strength when you are in a room some distance from the router as opposed to the room where the router is installed. If you are having WiFi problems, you can check the WiFi signal strength on your PS5. To do this, go to Settings ->then to Network -> Connection Status. Under “Signal Strength”, you can find the connection speed. At the very least, try moving your PS5 closer to the router. Also, make sure there are no physical obstacles such as thick concrete walls or baby monitors interfering with the signal between your console and the router. A WiFi booster can be an easy solution to this problem.

6. Contact your Internet Service Provider:

Contact your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes you cannot solve your connectivity problems at home. But if you call your internet provider, they can troubleshoot with you and even do some tests on their end to reset the modem or see if there are any outages in the area. If all else fails, they can send a professional to help you personally.

Final Words:

Suppose your PS5 is not connected to WiFi. In that case, you can quickly run a test to diagnose the problem or check your network admin panel to see your bandwidth limit, how many devices can be connected to the router simultaneously, and if your PS5 is on the list of blocked devices. Most often, the problems are with your home network, but your PS5 servers may be down or have a hardware problem. Whatever the problem may be, follow the steps provided above and you can continue enjoying the best gaming experience!

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