Best VFX Movies Released In 2018

Best VFX movies of 2018

Nowadays, VFX is seen almost in every movie no matter which industry it belongs to. In fact, The use of VFX actually came in focus after the Avatar movie was released. Whereas, Avatar was the benchmark for all the Animated movies using VFX. Similarly, in the year 2018, a lot of movies were released. Some of them used traditional camera tricks, whereas, other movies used a lot of VFX. Here, in this post, we are going to see the list of best VGX movies of 2018.

List of best VFX movies of 2018

1. Avengers: Infinity War:

Avengers Infinity War, which is one of the best movies of 2018. Also, had the best of what they have provided so far. Thanos is no doubt the focus and his developed so perfectly that it’s hard to believe it as a VFX. In fact, the team hired to do the VFX for Avengers Infinity war was the best around the world.

Talking about the revenue, the movie made around 2 Billion and was made with a budget of 3 Million, which is said to be a super hit movie as per Movie-Rater‘s HOFS Scale.

2. First Man

VFX really remove “I” from Impossible and same goes with the movie First Man. Ryan Gosling‘s performance in this movie was outstanding, but what make it happen was the VFX that actually makes us believe that the actors were in the outer space. In fact, the movie was awarded the vest Visual Effect, which gives you a clear hint on why the movie is one of the bets VFX movies. Apart from this, the movie had received more awards making it one of the best Sci-Fi movies, as well as the best VFX movies of 2018.

3. Robo 2.0 

When it comes to Indian Cinema, Bahubali movie was the benchmark for VFX. In 2018, Robo 2.0 featuring Rajinikanth surpass Bahubali in terms of VFX. As said by everyone, this is what we believe from Rajnikanth. Not only that, 2.0 was the highest-grossing movie in 2018. Now, talking about the VFX used, it is at its top class. Every detailing on the moments and how things change when they get an adverse effect. Everything is done so well as if it feels like it is real.

4. Ready Player One

Ready Player One was not a blockbuster movie of 2018 but definitely had some great VFX. In fact, the game is 80% VFX, which took a lot of work. This game shows the life in-game and how the lead actor Tye Sheridan surpasses all the levels. In fact, all the animated characters in this movie look so original, which will make hard to believe its fake or made by Animation or VFX.

All the movies mentioned above are the best movies with VFX of the year 2018. Also, there were other movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story, Mortal Engines and Christopher Robin, but does not come under the best VFX movies.

There are many movies like this released and available on some video streaming websites. There are also some games that are oriented to these movies. If you want you can check.

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