AVG vs. Avast – The Ultimate Free Antivirus Comparison

AVG vs Avast

When we think about getting a new antivirus, there are only a few names that immediately come to our mind. AVG & Avast will definitely be at the top of that list. But, how to know which one of these is right for you? Well, that needs further investigation. so, let’s break the whole thing down in a comprehensive AVG vs Avast comparison & see who has the better Antivirus services.

AVG vs Avast Free & Paid Plans

Here are all the antivirus plans that both the companies are currently offering,

Antivirus Plan Price (USD) Price (INR) Validity
AVG Basic Free Free Lifetime
AVG Full (Internet Security) 79.99 2068 1 Year
AVG Ultimate 99.99 2643 1 Year
Avast Basic (Free Antivirus) Free Free Lifetime
Avast Internet Security 59.99 1399 1 Year
Avast Premier 69.99 1799 1 Year
Avast Ultimate 119.99 2699 1 Year

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So, both of the companies have Basic plans which are completely free & we know most of you are interested in that one so, let’s see what exactly that plan includes in both cases.

For AVG, the basic plan will protect against things like malware, ransomware & spyware. So, that’s actually good for most of the people who are worried about these things all the time. It also blocks unsafe links, downloads & email attachments which gets rid of another huge risk while you’re surfing the Internet. It also scans for PC performance problems & gives real-time security updates.

Avast does more of the same things but, their Basic (Free Antivirus) plan does not include the blocking features as we saw for AVG. Whereas, those features are available but only get at least the Internet Security plan. However, they do give a password protection feature that can be used to safely logging into websites with a click.

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AVG vs Avast Android

Both of the services have free Android applications that do a lot of the mandatory things. There are Pro features available for both services but, most of the time you won’t need them so, the free versions are fine. Both AVG & Avast for Android can be found on the Google Play Store.

Which one is best for you?

Looking at the overall big picture, if you are getting the Free version anyway, AVG seems to have better features for that. Unless you need that secure password feature, Avast isn’t making much sense here. So, for the free version, our pick will be AVG over Avast.

Get AVG Antivirus

Get Avast Antivirus

Do you want to see a follow up of this article where we compare the paid plans in detail? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you have any other questions, please drop them in the comments section as well. He’ll be happy to assist you.

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