How to Fix Apple Watch Keep Locking in 2023 [Latest]

Apple Watch Keep Locking

When you find that your Apple Watch is locked unexpectedly even when it is on your wrist, it may be unbelievable to you and you must be wondering why this Apple Watch keeps locking. If you have an Apple Watch, you must know that your Apple Watch can be locked or unlocked very easily. It’s designed to lock when you’re not wearing it for some security concerns so that no one can get your personal information from your Apple Watch, meaning you can enter a code to unlock your Apple Watch once a day. If your watch keeps locking itself when you put it on your wrist but also on your wrist, don’t worry, there might be some problem with the settings. However, if you face this problem, we are here to solve your problem.

Here is a detailed guide on “Why Apple Watch keeps locking up”? And how can you solve this problem? So keep reading for more details! A cool Apple wristwatch can do a lot, you can use Apple Watch to make calls, text, listen to music, make payments, monitor mobile purchases, and monitor health and fitness-related data. So it is amazing and versatile. We all know that the Apple Watch can be locked or unlocked very easily, but sometimes it can become an annoying situation if the user keeps locking it without wanting or expecting it. So, when your SmartWatch keeps locking itself, checking notifications becomes more difficult than intended. In this bad situation, there are some simple ways to check if Apple Watch can fix the locking problem.

1. Firmware Update:

Firmware Update

Outdated software can also cause the locking problem. You may also need to check for firmware updates. Here’s how to do it:

  • First of all, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Now press the menu button.
  • Here you will find the “General” option, tap on it.
  • Now click on the software update option.

From this menu bar, you can also check if there is any new software for your watch. If there is no new software, you need to update your old software and if you find new software, install it on your watch.

2. Turn wrist detection ON or OFF:

Turn wrist detection ON or OFF

You can also fix this problem by turning on your wrist recognition if you haven’t already turned it on. In the section where we talked about why this happens, we mentioned checking if wrist recognition is turned off. If it is, turn it on and see if that fixes the problem. If it’s already on, you do one of two things. You can decide to turn it off and then back on or turn it off permanently.

To turn wrist detection on or off go to Settings on your Apple Watch >> Tap Passcode >> Tap the switch next to Wrist Detection >> If a confirmation alert appears, select On or Off. The switch is on the left when you turn it off or on the right when you turn it on. Try this and see if it solves the problem.

3. Check The Apple Watch Operating Properly:

Check The Apple Watch Operating Properly

Tight and loose wear can affect the operating system of your Apple watch. So, make sure that there is no gap between your watch band and your skin, your wristwatch that you wear should not be loose. There’s no need to wear your Apple Watch so tightly. Your Apple Watchkeeping locking problem may be caused by wear to the wrist bone. So always bend it close to your wrist bone.

4. Restart Both Devices:

Restart Both Devices

If all these solutions don’t work, you can do something else. You can restart both your Apple Watch and iPhone. Then wait some time to turn it back on. First, turn on your Smartphone and then turn on your wrist Apple Watch. You can also solve the problem “Why is Apple Watch getting locked”?

5. Clean The Back Of Your Apple Wrist Watch:

Clean The Back Of Your Apple Wrist Watch

Technically speaking, there are some sensors on the back of your Apple watch. So when these sensors become too dirty, it affects the operating system of your wristwatch and it loses track of your wrist and your Apple Watch keeps locking up. So you can easily solve this problem by cleaning the back of your Apple Watch with water and then wiping it with a piece of cloth.

6. Get The Apple Service:

If none of the above solutions work, there is another reason such as watch sensor failure or faulty sensors. So, in this case, you can get Apple Service to get your Apple Watch tested by any Apple technician so that they can repair or replace your Apple Watch.


Apple Watch is a very powerful device with many unique features. But you must know that it faces some common problems like “Apple Watch Keeps Locks”. Hopefully, you now have a better idea why Apple Watch keeps getting locked and after getting all the basic information that we provide in this useful post you can also easily fix the “Apple Watch keeps getting locked” issue. If none of the solutions work, get help from an Apple technician.


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